Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ribbon Cork Board (Peace signs)

My oldest Lovie (Miss Madi) and I were waiting in line at Hobby Lobby to get some material cut (for a different project) & she spotted a picture of a cork board covered in ribbon. It looked cute, so I figured I would give it a try and since she happened to be the one with me that trip, she got to choose her theme - she picked a peace sign (her current fav design).

First, the supplies. 1 - 11x17 unframed cork board ($5); 2 spools of ribbon ($2 each); wooden (sold already blue glittered up) peace sign ($.99). Total cost of supplies $9.99! (I ran out of ribbon, but improvised, so I suggest getting 2 spools of ribbon #1).

To start this bad boy, line up & cut out strips of ribbon #1 with just a little overhang. (I opted for diagonal design, but you can do straight up and down if you prefer, it looks good both ways in my opinion). 

 Then, glue the overhang with a little hot glue. The back will look crazy with random strips of ribbon, but don't worry - No one but you will see the back :)

 After all rows of the first ribbon are secure, thread through the second ribbon (over/under). I wanted to keep the middle of the cork board as functional as possible, so I only secured the second ribbon at each end only (with hot glue)

Sooo, this is what it looks like once you are to this point IF you only bought one spool of ribbon #1 and ran out & had a random spot of cork board showing in the bottom left corner like I did. But since I was in my PJs crafting, I decided instead of making another trip to the store, I would improvise.
Add a strip of ribbon #2 at the top to make a border & apply a wooden 'flair' piece if you so desire. I then added a piece of ribbon #2 at the random spot of cork board showing... but wasn't satisfied with the result.
So, I made a little 'tac holder' with ribbon #2 and (you guessed it) hot glued it into place!

Voila! Peace sign cork board. Miss Madi said it was the "most awesome cork board" she had ever seen in her WHOLE LIFE - and after 10 years of life & shopping with me, I'm sure she has seen more than her fair share of cork boards ;)
Hubby will hang on the wall securely with 3m poster holders.

Total crafting time = 38 minutes

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